Ms Mamta Goyal

Mamta is highly qualified and experienced in various fields. She studied about yoga, health and physical education starting from her schooling. She developed her interest in health and fitness field because her relevant education and environment. She has been attending various workshops and residential programs for Yoga, naturopathy, health, meditation and spirituality since she was just 10. She started practising when she was in college while pursuing Bachelors in Health and Physical Education from Kurukshetra University. She took part in many sports activities. Gradually, all it became her passion to remain healthy. She initiaited practicing and knowing more about yoga and health and her this passion got converted into profession due to intention to help others to live a healthy and happy life. She also has written some blogs and helped people for free. Now she is successfully running a Retreats (A complete Yoga, Meditation, Health & Fitness center) in Gurgaon and training people from Gurgaon, PAN India and Abroad.

Clientele: Corporates, Individuals and groups