Allopathic System-vis-a-vis Traditional Chinese Medicine

Allopathic System

  1. It is a modern science.
  2. It is based on correct understanding of body’s structure (anatomy and physiology).
  3. How the structure changes during the course of disease is studied.
  4. It is analytical.
  5. It is based on dissecting things, until the causal links are seen.
  6. A causes B, B with C causes D

This is viewing events in linear fashion.

  1. Mind and body are separate entities.
  2. Western system believes that - 
  1. Disease is due to causes.
  2. Causes can be killed.
  3. Causes can be cut out.
  4. Causes can be contained.
  5. When the killing, cutting out and containing is impossible, the treatment is unsuccessful.

Treatment is based on what is visible.

If it is a cyst cut it.
In case of a tumour operate it.
In bacterial Infection- Treat it or kill it.

Treatment: -

  1. medicine
  2. surgery
  3. dressing and bandage are also used as per need
  4. injections are used
  5. Physio-therapy
  6. heat treatment
  7. radiation

 Traditional Chinese System of Medicine (TCM)

1)      This is a traditional science.
2)      All signs and symptoms are placed together.
3)      Then synthesis is done.
4)      Go on doing synthesis until the picture of whole person appears.
5)      Various symptoms, syndromes and signs are inter-related as part of a pattern. This is called disease pattern.
6)      One or more patterns may be involved as cause of disease.
7)      Treat the concerned pattern and most of the problems will be over.
8)      Mind and body are integral parts.
9)      Mental, emotional and physical illnesses are closely related.
10)    TCM takes entire person into account both in diagnosis and treatment.
11)    TCM is based on the beliefs that –

  1. Disease is disorder in the body.
  2. Treatment is directed towards properly ordering or harmonizing the body.
  3. Treatment is given for what causes a disorder to happen.


  1. By acupuncture
  2. By acupressure
  3. By moxibustion
  4. By applying seeds
  5. By applying magnets
  6. By applying colours
  7. By cupping
  8. By massages

Treatment is given on the acupoints situated on the body.
This is an in built mechanism in the human body installed by almighty God/Tao.