Bach Flower Remedies

When you stop listening to your inner voice, your mind and soul begin to drift from each other.

  • You begin to feel that you do not have enough energy to cope with the demands of everyday life
  • You feel heavy, tired and exhausted
  • Your head is buzzing, watching too much television, reading too much, learning too much and the like.
  • You lack the enthusiasm and sensation due to mental inertia
  • After awakening, you doubt that you can do daily activities, but this feeling subsides after taking a shower or dressed.
  • Just thinking about a specific task causes exhausting fatigue
  • You miss your old vitality and feel that you are constantly overloaded with requirements
  • You think that it is impossible to start without a stimulant, such as coffee, tea or some form of tonic
  • You feel fatigue after many years of performing the same unloved tasks
  • In the morning you wake up, even more tired than when you go to bed
  • You feel pressure or burning in your eyes or around them
  • You experience connective tissue degeneration

It is time to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul with the wonderful blessings of mother nature. Spend some time in the natural environment possible away from the jungle of concrete. Listen to the small voices of insects, chripping of birds, enjoy the whiff of fresh air, smell of earth take long walk. Practice yoga and use Flower essence to connect back to the lost world.

~ Mystic Yogi