Do Planets affect Share Markets

Nearly 2 decades back I came across an article which referred to research conducted by economist of Ohio State University, and University of Michigan, who found the impact of Sun on 26 stock markets across the world spanning a period of 15 years.

According to them on perfectly sunny days the annualized returns averaged 24.8% compared to 8.7% on perfectly cloudy days. While another study published by University of Michigan scholars, had examined the impact of the Moon on stock market returns in 48 countries between 1965 and 2001. As per their findings the average daily returns were higher by nearly 8.3% around new moon as compared to the returns around full moon.

Interestingly these studies are a product of historical data that certainly highlights the trend but is of little value in short term trend forecasting. The scholars maintained "the results are not a product of data-mining alone. Rather they are the latest manifestation of behavioural finance, that shows how psychological patterns explain apparent market inefficiencies."

As per the Vedic system, Sun is the significator of stock exchanges, stock markets, stockbrokers, and workers in stock exchanges. The Moon influences the public opinion, masses and views. Venus again has a significant role in business as it relates to stock exchange, banking, and circulation of currency.

The share price movement is then a cumulative effect of the domestic and global events shaped by Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury. I have been observing the current pattern of Share Market and it seems to fit my observations.

In India: It looks like the down-slide will largely continue throughout the month of October and first two weeks of November. Market can be volatile around end October. There is a possibility of short bullish surge around 14th November and then again around end November. December is likely to witness the bearish trend. Revival can came in banking sector with the beginning of new year.

Caveat:“Planets only foretell likelihood of things to happen. They do not force events to Happen.”