Management Team


Analysis of Management Team

The CVs of most of the good management candidates reflect the abilities like confidence, competence and commitment.  Often these are tailored by experts. But what is amiss is the disclosure of mindset, reflection of balance between sense of responsibility.

The existing members of the team can also be helped through strengthening of the planets as per their Birth charts for better performance/relationship

Don't waste your time, money, and effort. Advance system of Vedic Astrological advice will be an integral part of the future corporate machinery. The beginning has already been made in many countries and the results show 80-90% accuracy.

Know your potential recruit before he walks into the interview chamber.

Let us inform YOU whether your man is:

  • worth the position he is to occupy
  • destined to succeed in life.
  • honest, mentally and emotionally stable,
  • professionally sound,
  • hardworking, growth oriented and competent 

 ... or just a self-centric corporate jumper.  In the corporate world entrusting the project in the hands of right team, is as critical as raising of finance for the success of any project. Our astrologer can advice on this based on the acknowledged principles of Vedic astrology. 


Compatibility Analysis

For a successful & long lasting business relationship/partnership, compatibility analysis is taken up to see the temperament of team, team spirit of the members  and financial acumen. As disturbance in team work can disturb the mental peace of the Management/ Group by entering into wrong business partnership/ relationship. In this regard, not only preventive analysis is done, but advice is also given for being successful in any business association/ relationships.


Corporate Employee Scan

A manager's task involves planning, organising, logical problem solving, decision -making, and interactive judgemental activities. Key factors to judge a prospective Managerial level candidate

  • COMMUNICATION SKILLS – persuasive and impressive.
  • DETAIL HANDLING – he should remain focussed on the main issue.
  • RELIABILITY – stability and perseverance.
  • IMAGINATION – Innovative.
  • PLANNING & ORGANISING – A good manager is an organised planner committed to time schedules and deadlines.
  • ENERGY & DRIVE – sustainability to complete task at hand, without getting into the do-it-myself syndrome.
  • INITIATIVE – leadership to initiate projects.
  • ABILITY TO MIX – The ability to inspire subordinates to achieve as a team.
  • JUDGEMENT – A positive attitude and ability to take sensible decisions, calmly within a reasonable time frame are expected from a professional manager.
  • MENTAL BALANCE – conflict management and domestic peace.

Business Analysis

The higher the stakes the higher is the anxiety, than be it the investments in stock market or investments in any business organization.


Management Team

The CVs of every good management candidate reflect the abilities like confidence, competence and commitment but who is...


New Ventures

The selection of a new business line matters a lot in Corporate Astrology. By analyzing the planetary position astrologer can guide you...