Asht Lakshmi Sadhana

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Asht Lakshmi Sadhana is an amazing Mantra Sadhana that has never yet failed to produce the desired result.

Generally when one thinks of Goddess Lakshmi one thinks of wealth. But Lakshmi is not just the God­dess of riches. In fact she is a powerful deity who could instil totality in the life of a devotee. Asht Lakshmi is one impor­tant form of Goddess Lakshmi. She bestows eight divine boons on a devotee to make his life truly worth living, viz. wealth, good health, property, happy married life and children, longevity, rich food, fame and power.

Wealth alone cannot bring fulfillment. As Asht Lakshmi the Goddess Laskhmi promises total satisfaction and success to a devotee. 

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