Prevention of disease

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All destructive diseases can be effectively prevented and this is the only sane method of prevention by not 'treating' chronic disease through drugs or any other mechanical manner. Similarly all chronic diseases can be prevented by not 'treating' acute disease irrationally through drugs, etc.

  • As the state of disease implies some discomfort, minor or major, to the sufferer, the wise should know not only to prevent chronic and destructive diseases but also practically apply such knowledge in day-to-day life. This is what the science of natural hygiene elaborates in great detail.
  • Any attempt to 'prevent' any state of disease through so called inoculations and vaccinations, etc. is but a futile effort, for only living hygienically can prevent disease. Health is the way; there is no way to health.
  • Whenever a person takes a drug, a vaccination or an inoculation, etc., he is only transplanting the disease for future use.
  • Let not the acute disease be suppressed. No chronic disease can develop in the person. The question of developing a destructive disease will not arise.
  • When a patient suffering from a chronic or destructive disease takes to a hygienic way of living and proceeds to rebuild his health the sane and safe way, the vital power or jeevan shakti in him becomes a part of the internal cleansing process, bringing on from time to time the healing crisis (for a short period) for the specific purpose of raising the patient's health level.