Troubled marriage

 ... misunderstandings, unreasonable expectations, ego, child-birth, family interference, affairs, separation, divorce, re-marriage can cause of unbearable agony...

 Share your problems with our experienced astrologer. They will guide you as a friend, as a sincere guide and as a well wisher. Whether it is a relationship problem or physical compatibility issues you can freely discuss the same with our team of mature Astrologers.

Don't just sit and suffer!

Complete secrecy is assured. You can discuss the innermost issues causing pain and suffering without any fear. Get over all confusions of mind. We will do Kundali matching and a comprehensive horoscope analysis to understand the root cause of your suffering...

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Based on the principles of Vedic Astrology we will do a detailed analysis of your horoscope. You kundli will reveal the root cause of disturbance in your life.

Our astrologers with years of experience behind them will suggest you the most appropriate remedial measures to help you resolve your problems.

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To be suspicious is not a fault. To be suspicious all the time without coming to a conclusion is the defect.’ –Lu Xun

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“A child gives birth to a mother” By giving birth to a child a lady becomes a mother - a complete woman.

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Conflicts in a married life come from incompatibility of mindsets, temperament or personality clash.

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