Education Success Amulet

 However at times children with good IQ ... and lot of effort start performing badly. Their score begins to decline for no apparent reason. Parents complain that their child is not paying enough attention to studies. The child complains that he/ she is unable to properly focus. Often fails remember or recall at the right moment what he/ she has studied.

Whenever the he/ she tries focus on study distractions appear from nowhere. Astrology attributes this to the cosmic effect caused by the nodes Rahu-Ketu in the transit or Main period. Whatever be the cause the remedy lies in the worship of Goddess Saraswati.

Wearing a amulet or Locket energised with Saraswati mantra help the children remain focused on studies recall all that he/ she has studied and score well in exams.


For good Oratory Skills

A variant of Saraswati Kavach is advised to all those desirous of developing good oratory skill. This is not just for participation in debates or delivering public lectures it is a must for all those who are shy and hesitant to speak. Often people with excellent academics records and excelling in all competitive written examinations fail to clear the GDPI that is Group Discussion and Personal Interview rounds. Reason: Lack of communications skill and lack of assertiveness.

Saraswati Kavach energesied for Oratory skill is best bet for such people.


  • Helps overcome hurdles in education
  • Improve Intellect
  • Increases memory and retention power
  • Enhance memory recall
  • Best for increasing concentration
  • Reasonable price
Other Information
  • Pay Mode Terms: Cash Deposit in Bank, Net Banking or through CC Avenue payment gateway.
  • F. O. B. Price Order: Rs. 7,000/-
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Pieces
  • Delivery Time: 10-15 days within India. Delivery within India by courier.


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