Baglamukhi Yantra

Baglamukhi Yantra is used to attain power & dominance over enemies. It is very effective in victory over enemies, law suits and in success competitions.

Devi Baglamukhi is the eighth Mahavidya of the ten Mahavidyas. A ritually energized Baglamukhi Yantra is a very effective shield for known or hidden adversaries. It ensures victory over enemies, success in law suits and competitions. Baglamukhi Yantra also protects against the evil effects of spirits, occult forces, accidents or any type of psychic attacks.

Charging of this Ma Baglamukhi Yantra with beej mantra magnifies its effect.

Om Hleem Baglamukhi Sarvdushtanam vacham Mukham Padam
Stambhay Jihva Kilay Buddhi Vinashay Hleem Om swaha!!

Effectively through this mantra worshipper beseech goddess Ma Baglamukhi to annihilate the slanderous and vicious enemies by muting their speech and destruction of their evil mind.

Ma Baglamukhi supports Satvik energies and as such support a genuine sufferer. Do NOT use the Mantra and this Yantra with the intention of causing harm to any innocent person or someone who just happens to be in your way in line of his duty.



  • Exceptionally High Quality gold plating.
  • Best suited for office and Home
  • Purified and pre-energised for installation.
  • Best value for money
  • Attain fulfillment of desire
  • Reasonable price 

Framed Yantra picture is only for suggestion how the Yantra will look after framing. 

Unframed Yantra is available in size 9" x 8" (Wt. 275 gms) For clients within India and International clients.

Delivery by courier.


 Other Information

  • Payment Mode : Cash Deposit in Bank, G Pay, Net Banking or through PayTm
  • Within India Cost: Rs.9,500/- (including courier charges)
  • For Other Countries: $ 350 USD (Inclusive of courier charges) 
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Pieces for more quantity contact us.
  • Delivery Time: 10-15 days within India

Framed Yantra available only in New Delhi and Chandigarh  Size 17 inch x 16 inch framed for SME and Home.

Special Corporate size Yantra 
12 inch x 12 inch for Corporate Office and Vila Rs 25,000/- 

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