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Mantra Jaap | Homa

Our team of pandits and astrologers offers dedicated solution to complex issues through Mantra Puja and Homa.

Mantra can be understood as formula created to achieve specific results. Chanting of mantra generates vibrational frequencies to establish contact with higher energy source in the cosmos.

All those who have strong Aura can easily establish contact with the higher cosmic intelligence by just repeated recitation of mantras.

 However people with a weak Aura can amplify their effort by using relevant yantra, whereas people with a very depleted Aura will need help of a channel apart from yantra. This energy channel can be either a learned priest, a sage or a healer. Positive intent is key to success of any mantra yagna.


After completion of Mantra Puja/ yagna the final step is performing of Homa also known as "Havan". This marks a culmination of yagna. In the sacrificial fire alongwith chanting of mantra assortment of herbs and material is offered to fire pit. During Homa blessings are invoked through mantra where herbs and food items as a symbolic gesture as offered to the presiding dieties. Many believe it to be an outdated ritual. This is far from truth. Homa is generally performed with havan samagari that constitutes nearly 48 different types of herbs and the aroma from this purifies the entire environment. What the modern day SPAs offer is only a fraction of the beneficial effect from a Homa.

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Yes, you can!


You have the Power to change your Destiny !

... because Planets do not force events to Happen.

They help us foresee and foretell the likely hood of events to happen !


It is in your hands. Either you go by the way it is destined ...

Or Choose to re-write your destiny!

The purpose of Astrology is to help you face challenges and optimize your efforts through proper timing.

We help you prepare and remain positive in adversities and make the best use of resources when the stars are favourable.


We will help you.

Solutions based on time tested remedies, mantras and Amulets will help you remain positive, build a strong positive Aura. We recommend practical remedial to overcome obstructions. These are actually atonement for past karma or the wrongs done in this life.

Remedial measures range from deep meditations to donations, worships (Puja), chanting of mantra or use of Yantra etc. Your horoscope and timing of an event define the type of remedial measures needed. The sole objective is to correct the energy balance, get rid of prevailing negativity and create a positive energy environment.

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